Why Can’t Army Have Beards?

There is a strict policy about facial hair within the army. This policy is not just for the soldiers to look good and presentable but also for the safety of themselves and equipment.

The military has a strict policy about facial hair because of various reasons. Let’s answer the question Why Can’t Army Have Beards ?

Maintaining their equipments can only be done with a clean-shaven face, so they need to be able to do that. There are many reasons why you can’t have a beard in the military and one of the reason is it would interfere with your gas mask.

If you had a beard that got caught on something, you could get into trouble. To maintain discipline in the army, the military has had to develop ways to present an image that does not include facial hair. In a world where beards are becoming more and more popular, the military has been having a hard time maintaining discipline. But times have changed, and there are many guidelines for having beards.

Can you have a beard in the Army 2022?

Yes, you can grow a beard, but there are special guidelines. Army has announced new grooming and appearance standards. For more details, you can visit the army announces new grooming, appearance standards.

Guidelines For Having Beards

The army has three specific guidelines they consider when grooming soldiers:

  • It’s not allowed on the chin.
  • Soldiers aren’t allowed to wear it in areas where the hairs are less than four inches long.
  • It can’t grow down your neck past your Adam’s apple.

These three rules ensure that a beard doesn’t interfere with the army’s mission. It also provides that the grooming standards for soldiers are uniform across the board. All soldiers should be able to look their best while serving in the army.

Why Does the Army Value Facial Hair?

Military service is a serious undertaking, and men and women in the army take pride in their commitment to their country and fellow soldiers. A beard reflects that commitment. It shows that soldiers are willing to make sacrifices for the greater good, and it’s a symbol of responsibility.

For the individual, a beard means freedom. Soldiers aren’t free to shave when they want or whenever they want; they have to adhere to a strict grooming regimen. And because of that regimented lifestyle, men are often less inclined to shave, especially those who have to go to work in the morning.

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Conclusion on Why Can’t Army Have Beards ?

The army has always been known for its clean-shaven look. But that’s about to change. A new policy will allow soldiers to grow beards so long as they are trimmed and as their guidelines. These rules and regulations are in place to keep the men and women of the army safe and protected. I hope we solve the question of why they can’t military have a beard. If you have any questions, please comment down.


Can you have a mustache in basic training?

It is not possible to have a mustache in basic training. Soldiers must shave their facial hair and have clean-shaven faces during their training. In combat situations, soldiers need to be able to identify each other.

Can you have long hair in the military?

Everyone has to follow the military guidelines for facial hairs in basic training. According to the guidelines, you can’t grow long hair.

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