5 Ways Flyers Can Be Used to Promote Your Small Business

Are you a small business owner? Then your main goal is to probably let people know that you exist, who you are, and more importantly, what you have to offer.

One of the best ways to convey yourself as a brand is through flyers. Statistics show that 85 percent of people are likely to visit or even make purchases from a business advertised on a flyer.

Not only this, but flyers are the best way to promote your small business because:

  • They are usually straight to point, mentioning all the details that the reader should know without including any fluff.
  • They’re colourful with eye-catching graphics and are usually easy to read.

So, you have selected one of the best small business flyer templates and have made a kickass flyer, but how do you use it to promote your small business? Here’s how:

Distribute to Your Clients and Ask Them to Spread the Word

If you’ve already established yourself as a trust-worthy brand to loyal clients, reach out to them with your flyers and ask if they’d be willing to help spread the word about your business. 

You can hand out hard copies when they visit your office or attach with email correspondence. These flyers will serve as testimonials and are 89 percent more effective than traditional marketing because people are more likely to buy from a business if it has been recommended to them by someone they know.

If you’ve talked about special discounts or offers on your flyer then:

  • Reach out to previous clients and promote the new offer.
  • Take the conversation forwards and ask if they’d be willing to distribute your flyers to people they know.

Splash Some Outside Your Office or Shop

Another way to promote your small business is by putting up your flyers outside your own shop or business.

While it is possible for people to scroll past advertisements on social media, 23 percent of people will actually pause to read a flyer. On the other hand, 79 percent others will at least pay it a glance.

There are plenty of ways you can leave flyers outside your shop or office:

  • Set up a stand with your flyers in a spot that people walk-by everyday. Write an intriguing message on a piece of paper that would make them pick up a copy.

Example: Looking for the best discounts on (insert product)? Visit our shop!

  • Hire someone who can hand out flyers to people who walk past your shop or office. 
  • Put up your flyers on the boundary wall for people to glance at or notice.

The key lies in reaching as many people as you can.

Get a Digital Version for the Internet

At least 28 percent of people find new products through flyers and ads on social media. Hence, it makes sense to have your flyers on social platforms.

If you’ve already established an online presence for your small business, then upload flyers to your page. Moreover, use social media groups and pages. 

If you’re creating a new flyer for the internet then make sure it:

  • Has more visual content than words. 
  • Mentions all important details such as your contact number, address, etc.
  • Include reviews from loyal clients who have tried your products.
  • Photos of the actual product.

The flyer must be of high quality and easy to read.

Put Some Outside Public Places

Understand your target audience and find the most suitable place to display your flyers.

For example:

  • Universities can be great if you cater to young adults.
  • Parks and hospitals can be great if you target seniors. 
  • Schools can be suitable for brands that target parents or young kids.

You may, however, need permission to display flyers.

Leave Flyers in Mailboxes

According to the USPS, 98 percent of people check their mailboxes the same day their mail is delivered. 

This is what makes mailboxes the best way to get people to notice your small business. 

Instead of putting your flyers in public spaces where they might get ignored, reach out to people who might be interested in your business exactly where they are – right in your community. 


Creating an attractive flyer is important, but it will be useless if you don’t distribute it the right way. Use a mix of these strategies and reach as many people as you can.

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